Switching Supplier - When, How, Which?

Are you no longer satisfied with your energy supplier? Do other offer cheaper tariffs? Better service? If you for any reason think that it’s time to switch supplier, it probably is. But is now a good time? Or would it be better to wait for your current tariff to expire? How to make the switch? Which supplier to choose? If you are having these questions, you have come to the right place.

When is the Best Time to Switch Supplier?

You should seriously consider switching your energy supplier if you are dissatisfied with their services for any reason. But before making the switch, you are highly advised to make a thorough research on your supplier’s competitors and compare their plans and tariffs. Thanks to the many online comparison tools and services, you can easily and effortlessly find the best deals. Another thing you should consider before switching are potential exit fees. If your current energy contract expires in a month or two, it may be worth to postpone the switch for the time being.

How to Make the Switch?

Though it may sound complicated, switching energy supplier is actually quite simple and straightforward process. And you can do everything online and/or by phone. In the first case, you are recommended to go to an Ofgem accredited website to compare and contrast the deals between different suppliers. You are recommended to provide all the required information when using online tools in order to get as accurate results as possible. Also, keep in mind that energy prices vary from region to region and that some suppliers may not be available in your region.

Which Supplier to Pick?

After you run a comparison between different suppliers, you need to choose the one with the best deal. And for many people, this the most challenging part of switching supplier because the one with the cheapest tariffs isn’t necessarily the best choice. Before you confirm your new energy supplier and plan, you are advised to check out customer ratings and reviews to see other people’s experience with that particular energy company. When you are certain that you made the best choice, simply fill out the switching form and that’s it. The rest will be taken care of by your new supplier.