EnergySure Code

The Code of Practice for Face-to-Face Marketing of Energy Supply (the EnergySure Code) was created in 2002 to make sure every company operates honest and independently-audited selling practices.

The EnergySure Scheme was also set up at the same time which sets out standards for the recruitment, training and assessment of every sales agent. Since then, there’s been 99% decrease in complaints on sales practice.

If you have a question about an Energy Sales person and you think they have not followed the EnergySure Code of Practice then please contact the energy supplier. The Code is managed by the Energy Retail Association.

ERA position

The introduction of the Code and the EnergySure Scheme has delivered major improvements in doorstep selling practices. Over 7000 sales agents are registered with EnergySure to sell energy products.

The six large energy suppliers in the UK have signed up to the EnergySure Code and all their sales agents have to be registered with EnergySure and follow the Code.

The Code sets out important requirements to make sure customers have a positive experience and benefit fully from products offered to meet their needs by well trained and professional sales agents.

To make sure that Members follow the Code, an independent auditor is employed to carry out an inspection of the sales processes and procedures which are designed to ensure full compliance with the Code.

Protecting the public from rogue traders and distraction burglars

EnergySure supports the Police’s national campaign “Not Sure, Don’t open the Door!”. The campaign gives advice to customers on how to recognise genuine traders and to protect themselves from distraction burglars. EnergySure sponsors related conferences and pays for the campaign’s consumer facing leaflets and posters.


View EnergySure Code documents in our resources library.



To find out more please contact the Code Manager.