Code of Practice for Accurate Bills

In 2006 the ERA introduced a Code of Practice to help domestic customers by clearly setting out what they can expect from their energy supplier, including:

  • Clear, accurate, useful and timely bills and statements
  • Support and advice on checking energy consumption
  • Support and advice for those having difficulty paying their bills
  • Contact details for raising questions and issues with suppliers

ERA position

Every year 200 million energy bills are sent to customer’s homes across the UK. These bills tend to be the primary point of contact between the customer and their energy supplier. Suppliers are therefore very aware of the crucial importance of making bills accurate and easy to understand, and have developed the Code of Practice for Accurate Bills to help improve this contact point.

Customers also have a part to play. It’s important to remember that the accuracy of bills can be improved with regular readings provided by customers from their electricity and gas meters.




To find out more please contact the Code Manager.